Garden Redesign

LH Solutions specialise in garden re-designing, and garden landscaping. The team will listen to your wishes, discuss possibilities and agree a budget with you before the work commences. The numerous personal referrals that we continue to receive have ensured our continued growth as a company each year.


We offer a ‘one stop shop’ in the garden – including

  • Block paving installation or repair
  • Decking areas created or enhanced
  • Pathways and patios installed or repaired
  • Slab/edger's/kerbs install and repaired
Initial consultation – why do I need one?

We do like to meet all garden redesign clients face to face on site.  We can then look at the space available together and discuss what you would like, but most importantly you will get a feel for us, and how professionally we work.  The budget will also be discussed, so right from the beginning you know what is possible and the plan of action is practical, within budget and achievable.

landscape redesigned- First step!

If you’ve got a garden that you believe could do more, give us a call – from a small Design change to a larger Design over-haul, we would be delighted to help. To arrange a free initial garden consultation email  or call 0779 2543307

Need help with the ‘Redesign’ Ideas?

No Problem! Based on our vast experience and knowledge we can help you turn your garden into a new pleasurable space for you and the family to enjoy. After an on-site visit we will assist you with ideas if required and complete the job in the most cost effective way. We always stick to the agreed budget and can often make ‘money saving’ suggestions as well.

Here Are Some Examples Of Our Work